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Be Gritty Leadership empowers and motivates business professionals to be the strongest version of themselves as a leader, using the horse as a teacher, motivator and guide. We are here to help you and your team define tangible goals and set you on your true path to achievement. 

 Be Gritty Leadership offers personalized workshops for groups, businesses and corporations. Our workshops give you and your team a unique experience, using a hands-on approach with the horse, to facilitate a deeper understanding of team building and leadership.





Be Gritty Leadership Workshop Overview


This workshop is a dynamic one or two day program designed to help leaders and team members define their goals and maximize their desired results by working hands on with the horse. The horse demands true authenticity while giving clear, concise feedback to you and your team. Participants will discover through their interactions with the horse, a deeper sense of self-awareness and will come away with a fresh approach on how to be a true team player. The horse will efficiently help you and your team identify team strengths and areas that may be inhibiting team effectiveness, align mission, goals, and values and discover opportunities to leverage differences to achieve peak performance. Building a high performance team starts with effective leadership, and effective leadership begins with self-awareness. The horse willingly shares his wisdom of true leadership and self-awareness if you only stop to listen. 

One and Two Day Workshops --

· Learn the key elements of Herd Behavior and how each member is an individual with a strong identity but works diligently to strengthen the herd.

· Realize the true understanding of strengths and weaknesses through constant feedback from the horse and how to capitalize on both for the benefit of the whole team. 

· Understand the need to be consistent and clear with your communication to achieve desired results. 

· The horse will quietly demonstrate the true need to be flexible in your leadership skills but at the same time concrete in your end goals.

· Through your time with the horse you will develop the positive mindset to embrace mistakes and faults. Every mistake with the horse gives you the opportunity to improve and develop a solid foundation to build from. There are no faults, only fixes. 

· Your team will realize the need for honesty, the development of a strong work ethic, grit, try, and to create the desire to master the concept of attitude is worth more than talent. The horse will humble and teach you in a way no person can. 

· During the leadership workshop, each participant will come away with a solid plan to implement these core values into the workplace and, most importantly, become fearless in the pursuit of winning within yourself, to do the best job you can today and improve on it tomorrow. 

· You and your team will also come away with a fresh mindset and useable tools to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to strengthen team relationships.

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