Be Gritty Horsemanship and Leadership -- Be the Leader You Would Follow

Bridging the gap between Horsemanship and Leadership by unlocking potential, refining mindset and empowering success. 

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Be Gritty Leadership


 Be Gritty Leadership offers personalized custom workshops for groups, businesses and corporations. Our workshops give you and your team a unique experience, using a hands-on approach with the horse, to facilitate a deeper understanding of team building and leadership. Your team will come away from our workshop with a new fresh approach to every aspect of their job and life. Be Gritty Leadership workshops are steeped in real life cowboy culture. The American cowboy is a unique individual that personifies the spirit of talk less but say more. We will effectively tie in that cultural strength with modern leadership training, giving you the tools to succeed. We use the horse and “real” cowboy jobs to clarify the real meaning of leadership, work ethic and true ownership of your career and life. The horse continually gives clear, concise feedback about you and their responses will open the door to increased knowledge and self- empowerment. 

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Be Gritty Horsemanship


 Be Gritty Horsemanship, a one of a kind online program for the equestrian or for any individual looking for personalized one on one coaching, goal setting and achievement support. 

Be Gritty Horsemanship endeavors to be your advocate and guide from start to finish. We strive to stand alone, starting with an actualized, one of a kind support in your search for the perfect equine partner, to our main purpose of being the bridge between riding lessons/training videos and the horseman you dream to become. Achieving your horsemanship goals requires a strong support team, goal setting and motivation. Be Gritty Horsemanship will provide this, with individual personalized coaching. We will always be in your corner...... supporting you and driving you to be the best version of yourself, for you and your equine partner. 

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